Food and wine tradition

Food and wine tourism is the pride and joy of the Langhe, the ideal place for those seeking excellent food all served with great wines.

Typical products of the Langhe.

The gastronomical tradition of the Langhe has ancient origins, featuring poor recipes which have been transformed over the centuries into dishes of Italian excellence.

The choice is huge, with the opportunity to eat on terraces that overlook the splendid Barolo vineyards, choosing from characteristic informal eateries, the country atmosphere of farm-related restaurants or the restaurants of some of Italy’s most acclaimed chefs.

Every restaurant, in autumn and summer, serves Tartufo Bianco d’Alba (tuber magnatum pico), the world famous White Truffle of Alba, which enhances the traditional local flavours.

Invest in tourism in the Langhe

Hospitality in the Langhe has become a point of reference. In recent years, people from all over the world have decided to live in the Langhe investing in tourism and creating a huge variety of holiday accommodation facilities. You can stay in Guesthouses made from converted farmhouses, in modern Hotels or splendid Resorts with Spa facilities.