Would you like to live in a house made of stone?

As you travel through the Langhe you’ll see lots of country houses, especially in Alta Langa, made of local stone. Do you like this style? It is definitely the expression of a characteristic architectural style, the roots of which date back centuries.

The architecture of the farms and country houses is simple, pure, linear, angular and severe, like the people who live in this region. The stone, which is often recuperated from the fields, has always been the principal element in farming architecture. But what are the aspects that characterise these small houses made of stone and wood?

Building a stone house in the Langhe

We can still admire arches, porches, arched ceilings and splendid walls that time has left unscathed. The architecture is sometimes enriched with handmade terracotta brick elements, pebbles and wooden inserts.

The typical Langhe country farmhouse is built on a rectangular plan – set in the shape of an I or a U – or in separate blocks, always meeting the needs of the farming activity, because a stone house is always linked to the requirements of daily life, of those who work in the fields.

This is why you’ll often find a shed, barn, porch and cellar close to the house. Farms, houses, towers and drying buildings present skilful use of stone as a characteristic element. The architecture is in symbiosis and in harmony with the Langhe landscape.

Buying a house made of wood

Exploring the Langhe is a way to try out historical cuisine, to visit the places of culture and good food. Especially, those linked with high-quality wines. But it is also an opportunity to assess the possibility of buying a house in the Langhe or a characteristic country property, to renovate, made of stone.

This kind of purchase is an excellent investment, because there are very few old farmhouses left, and their owners are rarely willing to sell them, being fully aware of their historical value. A value which increases in relation to the position of the house, the landscape and the context. Environment, nature, landscape and traditions will always be the context surrounding your home in the Langhe.